In February Infidel comes into existence, born of the urge to spread chaos, blood and blasphemy. Shoggoth (drums) and Vomitor (guitar), who have been playing in this time together in other band, join forces with one aim only: to spawn brutal and extreme sonic holocaust. In order to recruit the rest of the line-up, they start to search for suitable desecrators. One Feniks (vocals) is the obvious choice, as he played a couple of years before with Shoggoth in Ignis Luciferi and at the moment is available. Heavy rehearsals follow, interrupted only by equally heavy boozing. Debaucher (bass) joins after a couple of months, reinforcing also the drinking abilities. Once this blasphemous line-up is completed the band decides to record a couple of tracks for their first demo.


Six tracks are selected, and at the beginning of the year Infidels enter the Kurnik studio. The demo "Bloody Horns of Wrath" is self-released and self-promoted throughout the underground. Subsequently, a new material is being prepared, this time for a full time release. In December the band once more invades the Kurnik studio to record ten altogether new songs. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, the recording session is awfully prolonged.


Infidel spills blood in Kurnik, trying to conclude the recordings. In the meantime a deal with Old Temple is signed which brings about the release of an official MCD "Bloody Horns Of Wrath". In addition Infidels launch a campaign to spread chaos, blood and blasphemy on stages throughout Poland. Necrosodom joins the band as a live member.


The infamous recording session finally comes to an end and eight hellish hymns are selected in pains to comprise a debut album "Ejaculating Chaos" which is released also by Old Temple. The remaining tracks are left over, their doom as yet uncertain. In December, during the sacrilegious Harvest Festival II, the blood ritual on stage is captured on video, to be released on DVD, someday in the fucking future.


Infidels lock up themselves in the rehearsal room and, enshrouded in the stench of rotting socks and spillt alcoholic beverages, they labour on new infernal songs. In November Infidel assaults Swiebodzin to piss on Christ's effigy and to record at Poland's studio their part of the split with Bleeding Fist from Slovenia, to be released again by Old Temple.


Due to some problems, the split is never finalized. Yet the five altogether new tracks are finished and awaiting their fate.