Cursed By Heathen Gods

Our pagan rites you derided
And condemned us to cruel death
We were maimed and flayed alive
To satisfy your ruthless deity

Now we'll gladly desecrate
All the symbols of your faith
For the pain you have inflicted
You will pay with your blood

We're no longer the slaves
Of your voracious greed
That led you only to destruction
Of all we have held sacred

We no longer fear the whip
Of your edacious appetites
That made us bend our knees
While you feasted upon us

Cursed by heathen gods
You're no longer the rulers of minds
Cursed by heathen gods
Your power is of no avail now
Cursed by heathen gods
Now you will suffer our wrath
Cursed by heathen gods
You'll taste our sweet revenge

Despised and rejected
Abhorred and detested
Hated and scoffed
Mocked and scorned

You're no longer our masters
Pleading in vain for mercy
We will shape your destiny
Soon you'll beg for death

Cursed by heathen gods