Ejaculating Chaos

Doombringer - gods of hypocrisy
Hellbringer - To mankind
Procreation of endless chaos
Element of impending doom
Song of the dead one - black luster degeneration
Ejaculation , procreation , cremation

Rape of human scum
Cut My flesh of light
Fill the throat with lies
Kneel down before you die!

circling above ejaculated sins
from veins to veins
from every part of us
Chaosperm ejaculating

They shall perish in flames
your blindless eyes for....
Eye of light blackest ecstasy
They rot in rivers of blood

whore of god
rape of beast
serve us every time

slut of god
burn the cross
ruin fucking shrine

whore of god
inject hell
till your veins decay

slut of god
sin by sin
worship and obey

prepare for creation of nothingness